How to Prevent Efflouresence on Concrete


Efflorescence develops on concrete. It can be very unsightly. Once it starts to develop, you can usually clean it off. However, if you can effectively prevent it from forming in the first place, you will not have to waste the time necessary to clean it later. Here are a few things to consider about preventing efflorescence on concrete.

Avoid Moisture Problems

One of the biggest problems with concrete is that moisture can come up through the bottom. If you are in an area that has this problem, you could be at an increased risk for efflorescence down the road. If you do have this problem, you may want to consider coating the concrete with an epoxy coating. Doing so will protect the concrete and keep moisture from getting into the concrete. This solution helps prevent efflorescence; however, nothing is fool proof.

Allow to Dry

Before you attach anything to the concrete, such as tile, you need to make sure that the slab is given plenty of time to dry. If you can, give a new slab at least a week before you attach anything to it. Doing so will also help you to avoid any problems with efflorescence.