How to Prevent Fogged Windows

What You'll Need
Electric fan
Ceiling fan
Window sealant

If fogged windows have long been a problem in your home, you'll be pleased to learn that the problem can be easily remedied. Below are the steps you'll need to take to make your windows fog-free.

Step 1 - Run a Fan

Fans can be surprisingly effective tools in combating fogged windows. If your home doesn't feature ceiling fans, place an electric fan in the immediate vicinity of any windows prone to fogging and run it whenever there is a stark difference between the temperature in your home and the temperature outside. If you have ceiling fans in your home, make a point of running the ones located near any fog-prone windows whenever the weather outside is very different from your home's current temperature.

Step 2 - Check Your Windows for Cracks

Small, barely noticeable cracks are one of the chief causes of fogged windows. So, if certain windows in your home have been consistently fogged up, thoroughly inspect them for cracks. This may even require the aid of a magnifying glass. Should you locate any cracks, patch them up with a special window sealant. When purchasing this sealant, make sure to consult one of the hardware store's employees and specify the general size of the crack(s) you wish to seal. This should enable them to recommend a suitable sealant. If the problem persists after the sealant has been applied, you will most likely need to replace the window(s).