How to Prevent Gold Car Paint from Fading

man standing next to gold car near the beach
What You'll Need
Soft dusting brush
Waffle weave cloths
Car washing mitt
Foam applicator pad
Buckets (2)
Car shampoo
Car wax

In order to keep gold car paint looking good, it is necessary to take steps to keep the color from fading. With some maintenance and taking some preventative measures, you will find that the color of your paint will last as long as your car does.

Step 1 - Remove Loose Particles

Dirt that builds up on gold car paint can often go unnoticed because small particles, such as dust, are difficult to see up against the color. In view of this, it is necessary to consider the bodywork carefully to clear this dirt away. Where this is not done, these particles can cause scratches to the paintwork during the cleaning process, which eventually leads to faded paint. Lightly brush the bodywork’s surface with a duster-type brush or a soft cloth, but do not rub it.

Step 2 - Clean Car

It will be necessary to undertake a valet-type cleaning process to reduce the risk of the gold car paint fading. Where the car is more heavily soiled, begin the process of washing the car by rinsing it with clean tepid water. This can be done with water from a bucket or a standard hose. A pressure washer can do more harm than good due to the speed at which the water is dispensed. Even at a lower pressure, the tool can prove excessive and unnecessary. To clean the car, dissolve some cleaning compound in a bucket of clean tepid water. Have another bucket of clean water on hand to rinse the mitt regularly. Wash the car with the mitt by starting at the top and working your way down.

Step 3 - Wax

gold classic truck

Wax should be used to prevent gold car paint from fading by creating a protective layer that will stop it being affected by the sun and the atmosphere. After washing, dry the surface by wiping it with soft cloths, but without applying too much pressure. Make sure that you remove all the water droplets before commencing the waxing procedure. Gather a small amount of good quality wax onto a foam applicator pad and apply a thin layer to the car.

Work in a uniform manner to ensure you cover every section of the car. Gently rub it onto the surface using a circular motion and move to the next section while the wax retains a cloudy appearance. Continue this process over the entire car and finish by buffing it with a soft waffle weave cloth until it shines, if you are not using an electric buffer.

Step 4 - Shield

Avoid leaving your car unprotected if it has to be parked outside for a significant period of time. UV rays and chemicals in the atmosphere can cause gold car paint to fade. Use a car cover if it is not possible to park in a garage or other sheltered area.