How to Prevent Hairline Cracks in Shower Marble

What You'll Need
Mild soap
Marble cleaner
Liquid sealer
Piece of cloth

Over time, you may notice that the marble flooring or marble walls on your shower area are developing hairline cracks. It is probably due to wear and neglect over time. We often assume that marble is a very sturdy material, which it is, but it is still subject to damage, especially if the area is almost always exposed to water.

Step 1 - Installation

Ensure that upon installation of the marble, there are no cracks present. When you finish installing it, inspect the marble for hairline cracks, since they will certainly get worse when stepped on constantly.

Step 2 - Keeping it Clean

Hairline cracks could also be the result of the marble not being cleaned regularly. Always clean marble with mild Ph neutral soap every so often. Rinse your marble thoroughly. You can also use marble cleaner to avoid those nasty hairline cracks.

Step 3 - Sealing

There are also liquid marble sealers that you can use in order to leave a protective layer over the marble and prevent its common enemies from penetrating and forming cracks on the surface. It repels water and other elements to a certain extent, making it less vulnerable to stains and wear.

Step 4 - Prevention

You may also use materials that can prevent scratching or breaking your marble, such as rubber mats on the bath area. By doing so, you can passively prevent the formation of hairline cracks on the marble. Also avoid sand and acidic liquids, since they can burn into the marble surface and possibly cause hairline cracks.