How to Prevent Leather Car Seat Covers from Cracking

Leather car seat covers protect your car seats from spills, dirt, dust and dander. While relatively sturdy, they're still prone to cracking if not taken care of properly. Below are a few simple precautions that can help prevent cracking.

Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Pet nail clippers (if applicable)
  • Front, rear and side car window shades

Step 1 -- Keep Pets' Nails Trimmed

If your dog, cat or other animal sits on the leather car seat covers, the pet may inadvertently tear the seat covers with her nails. Even just having the sharp nails on the material over time can lead to cracking. Therefore, you should keep your pets' nails trimmed.

Step 2 -- Crack Windows to Cool Car

Heat is the number one cause of cracked leather car seat covers. When parking the car on a hot day, be sure to crack windows slightly to allow air circulation and keep the temperature in the car down.

Step 3 -- Minimize Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight can also warp, fade or crack leather car seat covers. You should keep visors down when operating the vehicle and use front, rear and side car window shades when parking the vehicle in order to minimize the car seats' exposure to sunlight. You should also park the car in a garage or in the shade whenever possible.