How to Prevent Meat from Sticking to a BBQ Grill

Keeping your meat from sticking to the barbecue grill is like preparing a perfect martini; it’s all about temperature differential. Read on to master non stick meat barbecuing.

Step one - Season your Grill

A well seasoned grill is the key to prevent meat from sticking to your barbecue grill. Grill grates should be seasoned when they are new and also after heavy cleaning and degreasing. Plan to season your grill grates well in advance of your next barbecue because it will take several hours. Seasoning cast iron or wire grill grates properly is important to prevent meat from sticking.

New grill grates should be washed with dish detergent to remove any residual manufacturing chemicals or oils or they can be run through the dish washer. The re seasoning process is ideally begun while the grill grates are still hot from the last use. First, wire brush and scrape the grates to completely remove old food, grease, and debris. Next, wipe the grates clean with paper towels. Then, wipe down the grill grates with bacon fat and bake them in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple hours.

Step Two - Prepare and Preheat your Barbecue Grill before Each Use

Preparing your barbecue grill before each use will prevent meat from sticking to the grill grates. Here’s how. Your barbecue grill grates should already be seasoned, clean, and oiled from their last use. Preheat your barbecue for at least ten minutes to medium heat. Wear oven mitts or barbecue gloves to protect your hands and arms. When the grill grates are hot, wipe them down with a clean rag saturated in bacon fat or olive oil. Use your barbecue tongs to hold the rag without burning your fingers. When your grill grates are hot and oiled enough to sear the meat as soon as the meat touches the grill, your barbecue is properly preheated and ready for the meat.

Step Three - The Martini Effect

Plan your barbecue in advance and warm your meat up to room temperature just before placing it on the grill. This will help prevent meat from sticking to your grill as it reduces the temperature differential between the meat and the grill. It’s the same effect as chilling your martini glass before pouring the shaker into it, but in reverse.

Step Four - Patience

Prying your meat off the grill squirts the juices out, which not only dries out the meat but causes the flames to flare up, exasperating the sticking problem. Expect your meat to stick at first and as the meat and as the meat approaches the temperature of the grill and as the grill sears the meat, the meat will release itself from the grill. Practice patience by watching the meat carefully for signs of surrender from the grill before turning it over.

Step Five - Shutting down your Barbecue

Once your meat is off the grill and while the grill is still hot, wire brush the grates clean and re oil them. Now they are ready for your next non stick barbecue.