How to Prevent Paint from Flaking on a Crib

What You'll Need
Fine grit sandpaper
Drop cloth
Tack cloths
Paint rollers and brushes
Non-toxic primer
Lead free latex paint
Lemon oil
Cleaning rags

When adding a new finish to an old crib or a plain wood crib, you must take steps to prevent paint flaking. You would not want to the paint to flake and fall into the crib where the baby can access it, nor do you want the baby to hurt his hands when grabbing onto the rails or other parts. The best solution to this problem is to properly paint the bed from the start to alleviate this issue.

Step 1 - Preparation

Take the crib to an area away from the baby's room to work on it. You will not want the dust and fumes to linger in the baby's room. Take it to your garage or another room of the house where you can lay down a drop cloth to prevent damage from paint spills and have plenty of room to work.

Step 2 - Sanding the Crib

Whether you are working with a new plain wood crib or an old crib, you will need to sand it to be sure it is smooth and that no areas of the crib have loose splinters or areas that may chip. Use fine grit sandpaper to thoroughly sand all of the surface. When you have finished sanding, and all areas are smooth, use a damp tack cloth to remove the dust and debris from sanding. Y

Step 3 - Applying Primer

Primer will fill in any areas that have chipped and give your paint something to adhere to, which is very important in keeping peeling at bay. First apply the primer with a roller to get good coverage to the larger areas of the crib. Next, use a paintbrush to get in between the slats and small nooks. Clean your roller and brush while allowing it to completely dry.

Step 4 - Painting the Crib

After the primer is dry, follow the same method as you did priming the crib. You can apply 2 coats if necessary, but do allow it to dry between coats. After painting the entire crib, allow it cure or harden for at least 2 days before placing back in the baby's room. When the finish is dry, it will not peel.

Step 5 - Maintenance

To keep the crib looking good and give it some added protection, clean it with lemon oil, which is an all natural cleaner made from lemon peels and is safe to use around children. It will also give the crib a nice sheen. Simply apply the lemon oil to a cleaning rag and rub. It will remove any built up dust and dirt from dirty little fingers and thoroughly clean the surface without harming the paint.