How to Prevent Pigeons from Inhabiting Your House

Keeping pigeons away from your house and preventing them from dirtying your place with their droppings can often prove to be a very daunting task. Building owners shell out thousands of dollars per annum just to fix the damage caused by these birds. Pigeon control can be achieved by numerous natural methods.

Using Mothballs

Spread some mothballs out in your balcony and eaves. It is found that pigeons hate the smell of mothballs, and these will keep them away.

Discouraging Pigeons from Entering Your Premises

  1. Remove all sources of water. If you store water in an open container or tank, make sure that this water is inaccessible to the pigeons.
  2. Stop the pigeons from feeding on anything. If you observe that the pigeons feed on something while they are around your house, get rid of that food item or store it at those places that are inaccessible to them. Consider whether they eat any of the plants or vegetables growing in your yard or garden.

Using Pigeon Control Devices

  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Water
  • Shovel
  • Pigeon spike

If there are pigeon droppings in your balcony and eaves, protect your hands with gloves and wear a mask before scrubbing them off. Mix together ammonia, water and bleach. Pour this mixture over the affected area to wet the dried up droppings and scoop them out using a shovel.

Use pigeon spikes to help keep these birds away from landing on your house balconies. Set up one of these spikes on your roof edges and other common areas around your house frequented by pigeons by gluing them securely to the ground. Take care to cover all potential pigeon landing areas with these spikes.

Using Pigeon Repellants

Apply pigeon repellant on areas frequented by these birds. This would make the surface of these areas sticky, causing the birds to avoid them. Be careful while applying the repellant to the surfaces and take all precautions specified in the manual or set of instructions accompanying the product.

Using Wire Mesh 

Block access to those parts of the balcony and roof frequented by pigeons using wire mesh. Stretch out the mesh across roosting ledges. As the pigeons find walking on the mesh uncomfortable, they stop visiting mesh-covered areas.

Using Dummies

Install dummies of hawks and crows in and around the areas frequented by pigeons to scare them away.

Using Bird Trap

  1. Use birdseed as a lure to get pigeons to enter into your cage.
  2. Take the cage with the pigeons to some place that is far from your house and let them loose in that region so that they are unable to come back to your residential area.