How to Prevent Rust on Barbed Wire

What You'll Need
Rust converter
Working gloves
Overalls and gumboots

Barbed wire is made from metals such as steel and iron. These are ferrous metals which make them susceptible to rust. However, the wire is galvanized using molten zinc to protect it from weathering agents, corrosion and rust. There is more that can be done to prevent barbed wire from rusting.

Step 1 – Clean and Clear the Surface

Wear protective gear to prevent injuries. Barbs can easily tear through skin. Brush off rust from barbed wire and remove dirt before applying protective primer on the wire. It is advisable to buy primer and paint from the same brand as they are formulated to work together.

Step 2 – Apply Primer and Paint

Use a brush and start by applying a primer. Let it dry before applying paint. This can be used for short length barbed wires.

Step 3 – Use Rust Converter

This can be applied to prevent the wire from getting more rust. It converts the rust to a black coating which prevents the wire from rusting. Use a brush to apply rust converter and make sure to apply it on a clean and greaseless surface.