How to Prevent RV Lights From Dimming

What You'll Need
RV manual

Dimming RV lights is actually a common problem that is easy to avoid. It is important to keep the lights on your RV in top shape for safety and convenience reasons. Follow the steps below to ensure that your RV lights stay bright.

Step 1 – Maintain the Battery

It is important to maintain the battery on your RV for countless reasons, one being the lights. When your battery goes out or fades, so will your lights. Charge or replace the battery when necessary, and make sure to have regular maintenance check ups.

Step 2 – Maintain Fuses and Wiring

Like the battery, the fuses and circuit breaker need to be in top shape. If a fuse goes out, be sure to replace it immediately. Also, make periodic checks for any frayed wires to ensure that they get replaced as well. This not only keeps the lights from dimming or going out, but it also keeps you and others on the road.

If you do find that your RV is experiencing any electrical issues, it is important to get this checked out right away no matter how big or small the problem may seem. If the problem seems to be out of your skill range, consult a professional.