How to Prevent Scratching a Glass Table Top

A glass table top is a lovely addition to your home. But, glass does take preventative measures to keep it from being scratched. The following tips will help you prevent your glass tabletop from being scratched and damaged.

Tip 1 – Use Tempered Glass

If you are considering purchasing glass for a tabletop, make sure the glass is tempered. Tempered glass has been chemically treated, allowing the glass to resist scratches, and to handle greater strain and pressure than untempered glass.

Tip 2 – Remove Dried Stains Carefully

To prevent scratches from forming when cleaning stains or spills that have dried on your glass, always use a glass cleaner or soapy water to moisten the stain first when removing it. It’s important that you avoid scrubbing your tabletop glass.

Tip 3 – Prevent Scratches

Prevention is the key. Therefore, never keep items on your tabletop. Encourage your family to not leave books, toys, etc., on the glass. If you want to keep things on the glass that can potentially scratch it, place a coaster or placemat under it.

Tip 4 – Hot Foods

Never place hot plates, bowls, or cooking utensils directly on your glass table top without first placing a pad under them.