How to Prevent Stink Bugs from Invading Your Home How to Prevent Stink Bugs from Invading Your Home

What You'll Need
Plastic cups
Silicone based latex or caulk
Herbicidal traps
Chemical sprays

Stink bugs are common garden bugs that get their name because they emit a foul odor when they sense danger. They are known to come into homes, though their main place of abode is the garden and yard. These bugs don’t generally damage all the plants in the garden - only certain leafy vegetable like cabbage or spinach. There is no standard process to getting rid of stink bugs, what is needed is a proper elimination strategy both inside and outside your home. Following is a sensible method to follow if you want to remove stink bugs permanently from your home and what you need to help you with the removal.

Step 1: Physical Removal

Stink bugs thrive on the underside of leaves in the garden where they also lay the bulk of the eggs. It’s best to wear gloves when working manually because these eggs have a gel like substance that can cause allergies to skin on contact. Scoop out the eggs and bugs using a plastic container and get rid of the collected stink bugs far from where you live. This manual process is slow and time consuming but will eventually produce concrete results.

Step 2: Protection Methods Indoors

If you live in an area where stink bugs are a problem, it is always best to use prevention on a regular basis indoors. Stink bugs enter your home through doors, windows and cracks or utility pipes and other openings. Seal all the cracks that you see with caulk or silicone based latex. Seal the attic vents with screens as well. Make sure you inspect all outer opening on a regular basis to keep any invaders out.

Another effective solution is the chemical dusting treatment which spreads evenly into all the cracks and crevices in the home especially along the windows and doors. The dust also settles in barely used places like the attic for a long duration therefore discouraging stink bugs there.

Step 3: Measures for Pest Control

Inside the home pest control measures like chemical pesticides are most effective if you leave the job to professionals. Mostly they use aerosol based pesticides that fog up the whole house hence getting into all the cracks and crevices in the home. This is an effective way of getting rid of stink bugs but a bit on the expensive side financially. You will need to vacate your house for a day when this process is taking place to avoid inhaling the toxins.  

In your garden and yard you don’t need to hire professionals but can do the job as effectively yourself. Spray chemicals on your plants thoroughly so the stink bugs and their eggs are eliminated. Repeat the spraying on a regular basis as per given instructions because the chemicals tend to vaporize quickly outside.

Step 4: Herbicidal Traps

There are homemade baited traps lined with herbicidal preparations. Take a plastic container and fill it with spinach leaves that are dipped in the herbicidal preparation (specially made for getting rid of stink bugs in soy fields) and then place where needed. These traps are very effective in your yard and garden but care should be taken that your household pets don’t get to them as these are poisonous.

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