How to Prevent Wood Garden Furniture from Getting Moldy

Molds often grow on wooden garden furniture, especially those located on porches or patios. Molds grow best in a moist and warm environment so if your garden furniture is exposed to too much moisture then you may have a mold problem to face.

There are several things to look for to check if your wooden garden furniture has a mold problem; these include a hairy or shiny layer on the furniture’s outside, white, green or black spots in the wood’s grain or its joints, and a slick white or gray coating.

There are several tried and tested ways to get rid of mold but the best thing to do is to prevent mold from growing on your furniture. Mold prevention is not an infallible effort since mold spores are part of our everyday lives, it’s in the air we breathe. However, below are a few tips on how to keep your wooden garden furniture as clean and as mold-free as possible.  

Natural Remedy

A cheap natural remedy that’s lethal to several mold species is white vinegar. Simply pour undiluted white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the areas of your garden furniture that are prone to mold. Another natural product you can use is tea tree oil. Just place 2 teaspoons in a bottle of water and spray it on the mold-prone areas. It stays on the surface and prevents new mold from forming because of it’s oil quality. Both products also work on other surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings and countertops.

Chemical Remedy

A cheap chemical product that’s lethal to mold is Borax. Just combine 1 cup of borax with 1 gallon of water. You can spray it using a spray bottle on the surface or you can apply it using a sponge. It is not necessary to rinse it, just let it dry naturally so the chemical stays on the surface to prevent new mold from forming. Be careful when using this product because it can also be lethal to humans and pets if consumed. Another chemical product used to remove mold is bleach but it does not stay put on the surface so it can’t prevent mold from growing back again; it is more effective in eliminating existing mold.

Commercial Remedy

EnviroShield and Microbloc are some products that are commercially sold which can help prevent the formation of mold. It can be applied directly to wood and other surfaces during the building process or after the furniture has been built; it can even be applied to drywall. Many commercials products have chemical ingredients that destroy mold and prevent it from growing.

Given that mold find moisture irresistible, it is imperative to eliminate the source of water to keep it from growing again. Mold will not form if you dry wet or damp surfaces 24 to 48 hours after the spill or leak happened. The best thing we can do to prevent mold from growing is to stop its water supply. So if you want to keep your furniture mold-free, keep it dry.