How to Prevent Your Wood Storm Doors from Rotting How to Prevent Your Wood Storm Doors from Rotting

Wood storm doors are the classic choices for this very useful household feature. This kind is the most pleasing to look at but it does require more maintenance compared to aluminum or fiberglass. You would have to repaint the wood when the weather gets tough on it or at least coat it with something to make it last longer. Another problem that can be encountered with wood storm doors is rotting. But this can be prevented with the simple tips below.

What You'll Need
  • Wood chisel
  • Electric drill
  • Wood hardener in liquid form
  • Epoxy and wood filler
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper
Step 1: Remove Bad Wood

Take the chisel and scrape off wood that is wet and loose.

Step 2: Drill Holes and Inject Them

You need holes of about 1/8-inch in diameter. These have to be close together. The holes should be injected with a wood hardener in liquid form.

Step 3: Fill in with Epoxy and Wood Filler

Mix the two materials together and use a putty knife to place them over the holes and other affected parts.

Step 4: Level Out the Excess Wood Filler

You can use some sandpaper or a wood dowel to smooth out filler if you placed too much.

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