How to Prime a Water Jet Pump

Priming a water jet pump only has to be done once as it will normally prime itself the next time needed. If you haven’t done this initial priming, you will have to do it at least once. However, if the pressure of your pump is compromised due to an air leak or defective valves, you will have to prime again.


  • Water Jet Pump
  • Water

Step 1: Preparation

Make sure that your pump is in good working condition and that it is free of leaks and all the valves are working properly. Also make sure that it is adequately connected to a power source to ensure that it will be able to function.

Step 2: Remove Plug

At the top of the housing of the pump, you will see a plug. Remove the plug. This will result in an opening being exposed which leads to the inside of the pump. However, if the pump has been used for some time, this plug could be badly rusted and it may take some effort to remove it.

Step 3: Fill Pump with Water

With the plug removed, fill the pump with water. You will have to fill this up manually and do not confuse it by sourcing the water from the well and turning on the pump. Also fill the source pipe with water. Return the plug, but don’t tighten it yet.

Step 4: Turn on Pump

With the pump and suction pipe now filled with water, turn on the pump. It should start pumping. Tighten the plug. Your water jet pump is now primed.