How to Propagate Oleander

You can plant oleander seeds in your garden to grow oleander shrubs. However, this painstaking process delays flowering for the first year. Purchasing a healthy oleander plant from a reputable gardening center, and expanding your oleander thicket by snipping small cuttings from it, is much speedier and yields excellent results.

Harvesting Oleander Seed Pods

When your first Nerium oleander is mature, you may wish to collect its seed pods and start a new clump in the soil. Because oleander seeds are dispersed by air when the seed pods burst, they may prove challenging to collect.  

Taking Viable Oleander Cuttings

The oleander's dormant period in September is the preferred time to selectively cut from the woody stems or the floral tips. Cut a section about 6 inches in length, then detach the leaves just above the cut. Trim the topmost leaves to 1 inch long.

Rooting the Cuttings

Root the cutting by placing it upright in a container of water, or apply rooting powder at the cutline and wedge it into a bed of sand compost. 

After two weeks, root growth should be apparent. Once root growth is sustained, transplant the cuttings into a nutritious compost soil. Plant outdoors in spring, in well-drained soil combining loam and sand.