How to Properly Apply Waterproof Paint

What You'll Need
Waterproof paint
Painters tape
Drop cloth
Paint sprayer
Paint pan
Stiff brush
Vacuum cleaner
Hose attachment
Pastry bag

Waterproof paint creates a barrier between the actual wall of the home and moisture. A constant bombardment of water on concrete can cause the material to erode. The same thing applies to wood. The best place for waterproof paint is inside the home on the basement walls and floors. Another area where you will see waterproof paint is on the exterior of the home on the foundation. Still, this does not mean you cannot use waterproof paint elsewhere on the exterior of the home. This article will show you how to properly apply it.

Step 1 - Remove Excess Mortar

Waterproof paint is like any other paint in the respect that it needs a clean surface to allow it to adhere properly. The first thing you need to do is make sure that any loose mortar is removed. Use the stiff brush to brush away any chunks of mortar that appear loose or crumbling. Put the hose attachment on the vacuum and go over the mortar lines. The suction from the vacuum will help remove smaller pieces that you may have missed.

Step 2 - Patching

Applying waterproof paint to a surface with gaps defeats the purpose of the paint. Mix small amounts of mortar and place it inside the pastry bag. Cut off the tip and start filling the holes with mortar. Mix as much mortar as you need to accomplish the job, but in small batches so it does not dry out. Remove the excess mortar with the trowel and allow the mortar to properly cure according to the package. You can hasten the drying process by using a hairdryer.

Step 3 - Nix the Moisture

Moisture is your enemy when trying to apply waterproof paint. You need to have a dry surface in order for the paint to properly adhere. Set up the dehumidifier and run it for several days prior to painting. This will remove the moisture from the air and from the material to be painted. Working on the outside of the home requires a primer treatment before applying the waterproof paint.

Step 4 - Painting

Prior to applying the waterproof paint always use painters tape on the edges. This will prevent you from getting paint where you do not want it to be. Use a paint sprayer when working on the exterior of the home. You can also use the paint sprayer on the inside of the home for large areas, but a paint roller will help you get into all of the small areas. Rough concrete will require additional painting due to the texture. Use a paintbrush to apply the waterproof paint to all of the areas that the roller or paint sprayer missed. Terminate the painting at natural areas, such as where the concrete ends. Wait for the paint to dry and then inspect the wall for small areas that were neglected and paint them. Apply a second coat of waterproof paint and possibly a third.