How to Properly Dispose of Lawn Mower Oil

What You'll Need
Bin, bucket or flat tray
Container with screw-on lid

A lawn mower uses regular gasoline to make the engine run and propel the blades forward. Additionally, the lawn mower uses a 2 cycle oil to lubricate the engine. If your oil becomes dirty or if you are looking to throw your lawn mower away, you must properly dispose of any excess gasoline or oil. Here are a few things you should be aware of when you are perfoming this type of task.

Draining the Lawn Mower

Overturn the mower onto a surface that is being protected. The mower should drain right out onto a bin, a bucket or a flat tray. Under the tray, protect the ground or your garage floor with cardboard or another material that will trap the excess oil and gas.

Oil and Gas Collection

Using a container that has a screw-on lid. Pour all oil and gasoline inside the container. Screw the cap on tightly and place on a shelf in your garage or in a location away from the interior of your home.

Disposal Sites

Call your local trash company and find out where to take your oil and gasoline leftovers. If they aren’t sure, contact your local automotive parts store or auto mechanic. Dispose of your gas and oil at one of the sites. There is usually a fee, so make sure you bring some cash along with you.