How to Properly Install a Car Audio Subwoofer in a Van

What You'll Need
Inline Converter
Subwoofer Kit

In terms of car audio, a subwoofer is designed to bring out the bass tones in music that door panel speakers ordinarily cannot.

Installation for any type of subwoofer is something that is not a difficult job as long as you have the right tools and the proper know-how to get the job done. Installing one in a van is generally simpler than car installation since you have more room to work.

Step 1 – 12v Power Wire

The first thing that you will need to do is get the 12v power wire. This is typically the longest wire that is in the kit. You will run it through the firewall from the battery and then into your amp. Typically, there is a hole that is along the bottom of the firewall. You will not want to connect the power to any of these things just yet. 

Step 2 – Metal Ground

In order to get the best ground connection, it is a good idea to stay no more than 3 feet from your amplifier. The best way for you to do this is to pull up the carpet that is in your van and scrape up any of the metal until there is no paint that is left. 

Step 3 – CD Player

You are now ready to get the CD player pulled out of your dash. There will be a white striped blue wire that is hanging out of the back of your deck. This is the remote wire. It is needed so that your amplifier will know when to turn on. 

Step 4 – Splice

You will now splice the remote wire into the white striped blue wire. It will need to be run in through the dash of your van and then up along the door jam. From there, the RCA wire as well as the red plugs will need to be plugged into the place that says “Subwoofer Output.” If your CD player does not have this, then you will need an inline converter. 

Step 5 – Run Wires

All of the wires will now need to be run straight back into your amplifier. The remote control as well as the power will need to be run down to the speaker wires that are already there. This should be run down to the left to prevent any fire risks. 

Step 6 – Speaker Wire

You will need to use your speaker wire so that you can connect the amplifier and the subwoofer. A fuse will need to be put into your 12v wire in your engine bay. It will need to be 1.5 feet at the most away from your battery. After everything has been secured, a length of your power wire will need to be cut so that it can reach your fuse. 

Step 7 – Final Steps

Now, the power wire will need to be connected to the battery. Once you have done this, you are now ready to get the amplifier and the battery cable connected. You will go underneath the hood so that you can clamp the wire down onto your battery. A spark is normal to see as it is just the simplifier charging.