How to Properly Set a Putting Green Carpet

What You'll Need
Putting green carpet
Tape measure
Carpet adhesive
Flooring roller
Utility knife
Straight edge
Seam sealer

Installing a putting green carpet can provide you with a place to practice your game without getting out on the golf course. In order to install the putting green carpet correctly, you are going to need to know the basic process that is involved and be ready to work. Here are the basics of how to properly set a putting green carpet.

Step 1--Determine How Much You Need

In order to properly install your putting green carpet, you are going to first need to know how much you need. Take your tape measure and get the dimensions of the space that you are going to install in. Take the dimensions with you to the carpet store and then choose the appropriate putting green carpet. You should plan on allowing enough time to order this type of carpet because it is usually not going to be in stock. Make sure that you order the appropriate adhesive as well. If you are going to be installing this outside, you will need a special outdoor adhesive for the job. You should also order a tube of seem sealer if you are going to have any seams to deal with. 

Step 2--Lay the Carpet In

When you get the carpet, take it to the location that you are going to be installing it in. Unroll the carpet and put it in the area. This will allow you to see how the carpet is going to lay and it will give the carpet roll a chance to relax instead of being rolled up tight.

Step 3--Spread the Adhesive

You will then need to pull up one half of the carpet so that you can spread the adhesive. If you are working with outdoor adhesive, you will most likely find that it is difficult to spread. You are going to need to take a small trowel and use it to spread the adhesive thoroughly all over the ground. Make sure that the adhesive is spread evenly and there are no large humps in the floor. Once you have spread the adhesive onto this portion of the floor, you will need to lay the carpet down into it. 

Step 4--Finish the Adhesive

You will then need to pull up the portion of the carpet that does not have any adhesive underneath it. Then take your trowel and spread to glue on the floor underneath this area. Take the carpet and press it down into this adhesive.

Step 5--Seams

If you have to put two pieces of the carpet together, you will need to use your straight edge and a utility knife to cut both sides of the carpet straight. Press both edges down up against each other into the glue. Apply a seam sealer to the top of the seam so that it will not come up.

Step 6--Finishing Up

Take your utility knife and cut off the excess carpet around the edges. Then take a flooring roller and roll it over the top of the carpet so that it will be pressed firmly down into the adhesive.