How to Properly Use a Foam Adhesive

What You'll Need
Protective clothing
Respirator mask
Foam adhesive
Foam board
Dispensing tool

Using foam adhesive is a sensitive task, and it should be done with great care and bearing in mind some basic guidelines. Although some foam adhesives are made to be less toxic, more environmentally friendly, and as odorless as possible, it is still important to take all the necessary precautions when using foam adhesive because it can still be potentially dangerous.

Step 1 - Read The Instructions Carefully

Foam adhesive usually comes in cans so that it can be sprayed. Make sure you carefully read the instructions on the can, as they usually contain tips and important notices you should be aware of. The supplier may also give you some helpful advice or suggestions when you purchased the foam adhesive. Store the foam adhesive upright and in a dry place. A crucial factor is to make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight or to high temperatures. Otherwise this will be very dangerous when used.

Step 2 - Wear Protective Clothes and Use Safety Equipment

When using foam adhesive, it is fundamental that you wear protective clothing. Furthermore, use extra safeguards such as gloves to protect your hands and goggles to cover your eyes. It is also suggested to wear a respirator mask.

Step 3 - Use In a Well Ventilated Room or Area

Another important factor to keep in mind is to use the foam adhesive in a properly ventilated room or area. Make sure that there is an easily accessible exit for you to use in case you start to have any respiratory problems or experience any dizziness due to fumes and vapors that are released when using a foam adhesive. Also, do not use near any flames, as foam adhesive is flammable by nature. It should be handled with care even while it is still in its can and all the more while it is being dispensed. If the room or area does not have proper ventilation, you might have to consider making use of mechanical ventilation.

Step 4 - Fix In a Dispensing Tool

Fix the can or tube of foam adhesive into a dispensing tool, and you are ready to start. By pressing the nozzle, apply in slight, far-reaching layers on the wall.

Step 5 - Attach the Upper Coating

Next, press the upper coating, which is usually foam or an insulation board, onto the layer of adhesive you have just applied.  Ideally hold it for a few minutes to ensure a secure fix. The adhesive should work by sticking the two layers together without any need for screws or other accessories.

It is advantageous to apply foam adhesive because it acts as a sealer against high temperatures in summer and cold temperatures in winter. This will automatically help in saving on energy costs as the temperature is regulated. It also helps against water leakages and natural destructive forces such as hurricanes, hails and tornadoes. Furthermore by following these steps and safety measures, it is simple and safe to use.