How to Properly Use a Pipe Vise

What You'll Need
Pipe Vise

A pipe vise is a contraption that holds a pipe firmly as it is about to be cut, threaded or welded. Because of its cylindrical shape, a pipe is very difficult to hold steady and holding it or anchoring it on a heavy object just won’t do.

Step 1: Preparation

Find a flat and level surface on which to place your pipe vice. A high worktable is ideal so you have enough leverage while working on the pipe and you won’t have to stoop down. Attach it firmly to the table. It is best if you position it at the edge of the table so you have more space to work with

Step 2: Opening the Pipe Vise

You will see a T-handle at the top. If it is screwed all the way down, loosen it by turning it counter-clockwise so it will loosen and open up the teeth in the middle where the pipe will go. You will also see a lever at the side. Lift the lever to open the pipe vise sideways. The pipe will now be able to fit inside.

Step 3: Insert the Pipe

Slide the pipe into the slot in the middle, setting it on the curved base. Determine which position of the pipe you want to secure and line it up in the curved base.

Step 4: Secure the Pipe

With the pipe in place, close the lever on the side and tighten the T-handle on top. This now locks the pipe firmly and holds it in place. Make sure that before securing it in the pipe vise, that the pipe level is and not misaligned.