How to Properly Use a Roofing Square

roofing square
What You'll Need
Roofing square

When you are building or repairing a roof, one of the chief tools you can use is a roofing square. Also known as a framing square, this device is widely used for a range of purposes, including building wooden frames. It can be used for making small roofs, such as those on dog kennels, or on large projects such as a house roof. In order to build a roof correctly, you should know the proper use of a roofing square.

Step 1 - Work out the Ratio of the Roof

Before you can use the roofing square, you need to work out the ratio of the roof pitch. In most American states, it is standard to express the pitch of the roof as a ratio, so you should be able to locate it on blueprints and plans. For example, you may find a ratio which says 8:16.

Step 2 - Using the Roofing Square

Take your square, and place the shorter end of the tool onto the tongued rafters at the 8 mark, and the longer arm along the 16 mark. You can then see the cut of the roof, and also the cuts which need to be made to the piece of wood.

Step 3 - Template

Cut the rafter, and then use this as a template for your other tools.