How to Properly Use Carpet Beetle Traps

A carpet beetle.
What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner including attachment for corners
Sticky traps

The panic and revulsion that can come from discovering a carpet beetle in your home can prompt you to buy the first pest control device you find before gaining any real understanding as to how it works. However, making yourself fully aware of the way to use pest control traps will ensure that they are effective.

Step 1 - Locate Source of Infestation

Making use of traps and other pest control will be worth nothing if you do not identify the entry point that the carpet beetles are using to access your home in search for food. These insects are opportunistic and will make use of open windows and doors, but that does not mean that gaps in floorboards, air bricks, and chimneys can be overlooked. The insects can grow up to 3/16 inch in size so check your home for any crevices from which they can gain entrance to your home.

Thoroughly check the kitchen for any beetles that have wandered in on the hunt for food and carefully check any foodstuffs that has not been stored in an airtight container.

Step 2 - Clean Up

Carpet beetles will enter your home in their quest for food so it is important that you eliminate their food source to prevent them from returning. Your efforts to get rid of them will be wasted if a food source remains to continue attracting pests. Be aware that the insects will not only take nourishment from food crumbs and grains, but also devour pet hair, natural fabrics, dead insects, feathers, and dust. Carefully check the attic basement and wall cavities of your home to ensure that you have not inadvertently allowed any insects, rodents, or birds to die in your home, as this can become a source of an infestation.

Use a torch to thoroughly check all the corners and crevices in your home, paying special attention to cupboards where clothes are stored. Professionally clean clothes that have been stored in the vicinity of an infestation.

In the event that you find evidence of an infestation, such as a discarded cocoon, take care when vacuuming this area. Thoroughly vacuum the entire house, including beneath furniture. Remove and discard the vacuum bag on completion of the task.

Throw out any foodstuffs that show evidence of infestation and thoroughly clean the area where they are stored.

Step 3 - Treat Infested Areas

Though pesticides can be useful in ridding your home of carpet beetles, they can also be potentially fatal to pets and children so are best avoided where it is a possibility that unintentional harm can result.

Sticky traps and glue boards with the addition of pheromones that attract the insects can be just as useful as poisons to capture curious critters. Place them on window sills and in dark corners and areas that have previously suffered an infestation. They tend to be easy to use and only involve pulling a section away to expose the sticky surface.