How to Properly Use the Emergency Brake

Learning how to use the emergency brake of the vehicle you are driving will no only ensure the safety of your vehicle but you as well. Below are guidelines on how to properly use the emergency brake of your vehicle.


Use your emergency brakes whenever you are parking especially if your vehicle is on standard transmission. This is to prevent your vehicle from rolling away once you exit the car.

Parking on an Incline

Whether your vehicle is on manual or automatic transmission it is recommended to set your emergency brakes whenever you are parked on an incline such as a hill or a sloping parking area.

Starting on a Hill

Engage your emergency brakes if you are starting your vehicle on a hill. This is to prevent your vehicle from rolling down or up once you are in neutral gear and about to start your car.

Disengage the Emergency Brake when Driving

Make sure to disengage your emergency brake while driving. Driving off while your emergency brake is engage will damage your vehicle’s service brakes as well as its emergency brake cable.

Use with Care During Total Brake Failure

Use your emergency brakes with care in situations where your vehicle encounters a total brake failure. Pull the lever steadily and slowly to bring your vehicle in a controlled stop. Never pull the emergency brake’s lever abruptly as it will cause your vehicle to skid, fishtail or lock up.