How to Properly Wash Thermal Curtains

What You'll Need
Thermal curtains
Small bowl with some warm water
Steamer (optional)

Thermal curtains can help keep the hot sun rays out in the summer and keep your home cool and cold air out in the winter. For this reason, thermal curtains can help you cut back on your cooling and heating bills. Keeping them clean doesn’t take much effort as they are just like any fabrics. Follow the simple steps below to wash your thermal curtains.

Step 1 – Getting Rid of the Dust

Start off by vacuuming the curtains from both sides using the brush attachment to be sure to get into all the creases. Vacuum from the top down them while they are still hanging so that they are easier to handle. This should be done at least once a month to keep the surfaces of the material relatively clean.

Step 2 – Lightly Washing the Curtains

Pour some lukewarm water into a bowl and use a clean cloth to slightly rub the surface of the curtain. Mimic the circular motion you use when washing your face to exfoliate the top layer of dirt away from the fabric. Do not drench the curtain with water, and always have a dry cloth ready to dab away the excess liquids. You can also use a light detergent if necessary, or you can buy fabric cleaning sprays that work just as well. Before you use them, always try detergents or sprays on a small patch of the curtain to check for any discoloration.

Step 3 – Washing the Curtains

This step should be done at least once a year. Remove the curtains from the rods where they are hung and given a good wash in the bath tub, or else send them off for dry-cleaning. Fill the tub with water up to about half way, and add some mild detergent. Put the drapes into the bath and rub them gently. Be careful not to use so much force that you tear the fabric.

Step 4 – Drying the Curtains

Once the curtains have been washed, ring out the soap as much water as possible and hang them vertically. If you do not have this space available, then just hang them in their original place on their rod. When dry, take them down and iron them carefully to remove any creases. Be careful when handling the hot iron, and do not leave it unattended if children are present.

Step 5 – Final Touches

Re-hang the curtains and arrange them accordingly. If you want to go the full mile, then use a steamer to remove any creases that the iron didn’t settle or new ones that were created when hanging the curtains up again. If you like, you can also spray some fabric freshener onto the curtains to keep them smelling nice.