How to Protect Copper from Tarnish

What You'll Need
Tomato juice
Dish soap
Steel wool
Copper wax

Copper tarnish is an unsightly stain on an otherwise beautiful metal. Copper tarnish can be spotted, streaked and colored in various shades and tones. When you spot copper tarnish, you can get the copper back to its former appearance and then protect it from tarnishing again. The article below will show you how to avoid copper tarnish in the future.

Step 1 - Clean the Sink

The quick way to get rid of copper tarnish is by cleaning the copper. Rinse the copper with hot water and then scrub it down with tomato juice using a rag in a circular motion. This cleans off water spots and existing copper tarnish.

Step 2 - Rinse and Buff

Rinse away the juice with hot water. Place a few drop of dish soap on plain steel wool and wet down with hot water. Scrub the copper until it shines. Rinse off the soap and dry off with a clean rag to remove residue.

Step 3 - Wax

Make sure your wax is for copper in order to get the best results. Apply the wax to a rag and apply it to the copper. Buff it away with a clean rag in a circular motion.