How to Protect Fruit from Hungry Animals

When your fruit trees and plants are almost ready to harvest, many animals might want to partake in your hard work. However, there are a few things you can do that will prevent animals from easily getting to your fruit or eating them altogether.

Put up a Temporary Fence

Even if you do not want a permanent fence, you could fence in the area around your fruit. By making sure that the fence is secure you can ensure that no animals are able get through or crawl under it. For smaller animals, such as rabbits, you will want to attach mesh to the fence and even bury a little of the mesh underground.

Animal Repellent Plants and Solution

Depending on the type of animal you are trying to keep away, there may be plants that may repel them and make them find somewhere else to eat. For example, rabbits do not like the smell of garlic mustard plants, and by placing them near your fruit you could prevent them being eaten.

There are also many repellents you can purchase to spray on your plants that will prevent them from coming. Make sure that the repellents are organic and will not harm the plants or the animals, only repel them.

This will only prevent animals from grazing so far, however, as if the animal is very hungry, they will eat the fruit anyway, even if it isn't in a location they would normally enjoy eating.

Put up Mesh

Cover your trees in a mesh that will be easy for you to displace at harvest. This can help prevent birds and animals reaching your fruit.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to help protect your fruit and keep away the animals.