How to Protect Outdoor Wooden Chair Finish

What You'll Need
Wax or oil

An outdoor wood chair can be both a practical and decorative addition to your deck or garden. However, this will require you to take some steps to protect the wood from the damage that can be caused by the elements.

Step 1 – Prepare

Start by preparing the outdoor wood chair to accept the application of the substance you intend to use. In addition to undertaking any necessary repair, you should clean the chair beforehand.

Step 2 – Oil

If you are keen to highlight the grain of the outdoor wood chair, you should opt for oil or wax products in the market that are suitable for wood. These substances can be applied to the surface and rubbed in using a cloth to protect the wood. In addition to clear varieties, you can obtain varieties that can stain the wood.  

Step 3 – Varnish

Applying varnish to an outdoor wood chair is one of the best ways to prevent the wood from being affected by moisture. This substance can be applied in the same way as paint with a paintbrush or a roller. Ensure that it is evenly applied and is left to dry thoroughly before applying a second coat.