How to Protect Pond Lights How to Protect Pond Lights

What You'll Need
Wire mesh

Pond lights can add great effects in your pond during the night. These lights are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including some models that change colors. With these many options, you can create your own light show using multiple pond lights. Installing lights in a pond is easy, but maintaining and protecting them can be an issue. You need to ensure that the wires are free from any possible hazards. Pond lights can also become caked in algae, mildew and fungus, which can render them inoperable. Follow the steps below to effectively protect your pond lights from all of the above and keep them from becoming an electrical hazard in your pond.

Step 1 – Create an Accurate Layout

To begin, create a very precise plan of where you would like the pond lights to be placed. Use a pencil to draw up a design that is to scale of the actual pond. When you are planning the layout for the pond lights, you should also plan where the wires will need to be placed so that they are out of the way. Select areas in the pond where they will be out of the way of fish or other moving parts.

Step 2 – Water Safety

Keeping your pond lights protected as well as yourself, your fish or other wildlife means keeping electricity away from the water. Make sure that the pond lights that you choose are completely waterproof and able to be submerged in water. Inspect the wires as well to make sure there are no holes in the casing around them. You will also want to secure the wires to the wall of the pond. This will prevent the fish from getting tangled in them.

Step 3 – Steady Surface

Pond lights are not heavy, so they can easily float and move around the pond. If they hit the sides, they can break on impact. Always install the pond lights on top of concrete slabs or bricks, and then place the lights in the pool. This will weigh them down so they will not move around the pond.

Step 4 – Protect the Cover

A pond light has a bulb encased behind glass or plastic. This covering is not indestructible, and if it becomes damaged, the light will become inoperable. They could also short out and potentially become a fire hazard. You can prevent this by protecting the cover with wire mesh. How you install the wire mesh depends on the specific pond lights that you have purchased. You will first want to place the mesh over the pond light and then trim the mesh to size. Twist small pieces of wire at the corners of the mesh, and then twist to the light fixture.

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