How to Protect Your Aluminum Pergola

What You'll Need
Water hose
Soft scrubbing brush
Old toothbrush
Mild detergent
Warm water
Old towel
Spray bottle
White vinegar
Touch-up paint
Auto liquid wax spray

An aluminum pergola can make a great addition to your home garden. It is a good alternative to a wooden pergola. Aluminum is a durable metal with various outdoor uses. When used for a pergola, it provides excellent support for plants. It also makes a stable structure for outdoor relaxation.  Fortunately, aluminum is also one of the low maintenance metals. It doesn’t rust and is resistant to insect damage. When you clean it regularly and apply some protective treatment, it helps to extend its longevity. However, it is best to attend to all problems areas first before you apply treatment as shown in the guide below.

Step 1 – Clean the Pergola

Select a day when no rains are likely to apply the protective coat. This will allow you to complete your job effectively. Mix some mild detergent with warm water in a bucket. Wash your pergola with the soapy water. Use a scrubbing brush to help you remove dirt. An old toothbrush will be more effective to reach the crevices. Avoid harsh cleaning detergents and abrasive materials. These cause discolorations and scratches which spoils the smooth finish of the aluminum.

Step 2 – Rinse

Use a water hose to thoroughly rinse the pergola. Be sure to leave no traces of soap as these can cause discolorations. Wipe the pergola dry with an old towel.

Step 3 – Clear Discolorations

You may notice some discolored areas on your pergola. It is best to clear these before you apply a protective treatment. Use white vinegar or fresh lemon juice to clear the discolorations. Mix 4 cups of water with 2 of cups vinegar in a spray bottle. Apply onto the discolored areas of your pergola and allow about 10 minutes for the color to even out. You can then rinse thoroughly and wipe away excess water.

Step 4 – Touch up Scratched Areas

It is normal for scratches to develop on your aluminum pergola with time. It is best to clear these as they arise. This helps to prevent extensive repairs. It also helps to ensure that your pergola looks good for longer. Purchase the right paint from a hardware store to help you seal the damaged areas.

Step 5 – Apply Protective Coat

Use auto wax or silicon spray to protect your aluminum pergola. Be sure to clean the pergola first before you spray. Wipe away water and allow some time for it to dry completely. Spray auto wax onto all areas of the structure. Strive to apply evenly. It is best to apply 2 to 3 coats. However, be sure to allow each coat to dry completely before you spray on another. Apply auto liquid wax spray twice a year to guard against scratches, pitting and corrosion. This will help to keep your pergola in good condition for longer. You may apply a protective coat in the spring and fall.

Clean your pergola regularly to prevent dirt and grime build-up. Discolorations, stains and loss of luster are more likely to occur when you neglect to clean regularly.