How to Protect Your Berries From Birds

You wait with bated breath for your berries to ripen so you can enjoy them, and suddenly you discover that the birds have beaten you to it. Following are a few ways of protecting your berries from these pests:

To protect your berries, you need to make a simple mesh structure that will cover the vine completely. Secure the wire mesh with metal stakes on all sides so it is totally enclosed and there is no way for the birds to enter and get to the fruit.

Trick the birds by providing them an alternate food source. Put a few bird feeders quiet a distance from the vines in your yard. Make sure they are well stocked with food. The birds will flock to the feeders and will be distracted from the vines.

A reflective mylar flash tape is a very good way of scaring the birds away from the vine. Suspend this reflective tape on both sides of the posts next to the vines. Replace the tape every 6 weeks or so.

You can also make wind chimes from the reflective mylar tape and hang them up next to the vines. They will make a loud sound on a windy day and startle birds.