How to Protect Your Leather Car Seat Cover from Harmful Sunrays

Your leather car seat cover can protect your car seats from dirt, dander and stains. Leather is especially sensitive to sunlight, which can warp, crack or fade the seat cover. If you protect the seat cover from sunlight you will extend the life of the product.

Materials Needed:

  • Rear car window shade
  • Front car window shade
  • Side car window shades

Step 1 - Park in the Shade When Possible

The easiest way to limit sunlight exposure to your leather car seat cover is to park in the shade whenever possible. This means looking for trees, garages or buildings that will keep the sun off of your car when you will leave it for long periods.

Step 2 - Use Car Window Shades

When you can't find shade in which to park, you can protect a leather car seat cover with car window shades. You'll have to put up rear and front window shades every time you park. You may be able to install a side window shade with a suction cup and can pull the shade down when parked or when blocking that window won't impede your view as you drive.

Step 3 - Put Down Visors

When operating the vehicle, you won't be able to fully protect the seat cover with shades because they'll block your view. Instead, you should make sure that visors are down to minimize the sunlight getting into your car.