How To Protect Your Roof Shingles From The Elements

Roof shingles are designed to withstand extremes in temperatures, wind, rain and sun. During installation, it is important that the shingles properly adhere to the roof. Both nails and roof tar are used to keep the ends of the shingles from peeling up. Any exposed area that curls or is not properly adhered may cause leaks and damage to the roof.

Use Roof Tar

When shingles begin to bend or curl as they settle, use roof tar or another adhesive to reaffix the shingle to the roof. Apply a small amount to the area and firmly press the shingle into place. A roof nail should also be used to hold the shingle in place. Be sure to cover the nail with a protective silicone or roofing cement so that the nail head does not become a source for leaking.

Keep Your Roof Clear of Debris

Clean the roof periodically, at least once a year. Use a power washer or a broom to remove debris such as leaves and tree branches that have fallen on to the roof.

There are no recommended chemical treatments that will protect you roof from the sun, wind, rain and snow. Keeping the roof free of fallen debris is your best protection against the elements. This process will keep moisture from seeping into the shingles and causing leaks that lead to long-term damage.