How to Protect Your Rose Bush from Diseases How to Protect Your Rose Bush from Diseases

What You'll Need

Whether you have a Victorian cottage style home or something more contemporary, a beautiful rose bush adds beauty to your garden. A healthy, disease-free rose bush is eye catching, while creating the kind of curb appeal associated with a homeowner that cares and nurtures his home and garden. 

 Step 1 - Applying  Feeder

It is very important that you apply an organic high phosphorus blended fertilizer in the early spring (May) and again at blossom time. 

Step 2 - Insect Control

Keeping those nasty little buggers under control is a very important rule when it comes to having a beautiful rosebush. By using soapy water or simply water sprayed from a hose, you can remove many of the bad insects.

Step 3 - Helpful Sprays

By using homemade garlic sprays or tomato leaf sprays, you can ward off rosebush diseases and give your flowers a healthy look in the process. The effects of citrus oil can also do wonders for your rosebush.

Step 4 - Keep Rosebush Clean

Remember to get rid of dead leaves around your rosebush and flowers that have died. 

Step 5 - Plenty of Water

As with every living thing in the world, be sure to give your rosebush a healthy amount of water on a daily basis.  Make sure that the soil beneath has a moist texture and smooth feel.

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