How to Protect Your Vinyl Pergola

Learning how to protect your vinyl pergola will help keep its appearance looking bright and beautiful. A vinyl pergola is usually constructed of solid treated pine covered by vinyl, which is easy to maintain. However, you may encounter certain enemies to your outdoor pergola.

Vinyl's Enemies

Several enemies constantly attack your vinyl pergola. These enemies include sunlight, abrasion, heat, solvents and even perspiration. With time, sunlight can dull or fade the coloring of your vinyl.

How to Combat the Enemies

The best strategy is to regularly clean the surface area. Be careful using cleansers and finishers for your vinyl pergola. Actually, you may do more harm than good. Avoid any oil, wax, abrasives or flammable solutions when you clean your vinyl pergola.


A Simple Cleaning Solution


First, rinse your vinyl pergola with clean water to remove dirt. Wash the surface area with warm water and a mild detergent. Use either a soft wash cloth or a flexible bristle brush. If you encounter mildew, mix a solution of four parts water to one part ammonia solution. Always test the solution on a small spot before proceeding. Rinse the solution from the surface thoroughly.

Finish with Dressing

You can select from many protective dressings, or finishes. Work yours gently into the vinyl surface with a soft cloth. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to reach any crevices. Pay special attention to surface areas that receive more sun exposure.

Recolor if Needed

Your vinyl may fade with time, even with periodic cleansing and careful maintenance. Again, in order to restore the luster and color to a damaged area, first clean it as described above. Your original vinyl pergola kit should have included a repair kit that included patches as well as color dye.

If not, buy a vinyl repair kit. If the damage is extensive (for example, an entire rafter beam is cut), you should contact the manufacturer or distributor to purchase a replacement part.

Preventive Maintenance

Often a little preventive maintenance can go a long way toward protecting your vinyl pergola. If you use the structure for shade, keep any furniture from scratching pergola posts, installed walls, lattice or trellis. Use decorative foot casters with non-slip bottom surfaces that can prevent the furniture from moving unexpectedly.

Also, properly hang any plant containers at points where the load bearing is sufficient to handle the weight. Use easily removable hanging chains so you can remove plant containers from rafters in windy weather.