How to Protect Your Waterproof Car Seat Cover from Harmful Sunrays

A waterproof cat seat cover can make it easy for you to clean spills, dirt, fur and dander that accumulate in your vehicle. You will need to limit the amount of sun exposure the car seats get in order to prevent fading and cracking.

Materials Needed:

  • Front, rear and side car window shades
  • UV resistant spray for fabrics

Step 1 - Use Window Shades

You should install a side car window shade on your windows with a suction cup so that you can easily pull it down when you park. You should also put up front and rear window shades when you park to prevent sun exposure. When the vehicle is in motion, you can't always have your car window shades drawn. Therefore, you should make sure the visors are down in order to minimize the amount of sunlight that hits the waterproof car seat cover.

Step 2 - Park Out of the Sun When Possible

Always look for shade or park your vehicle in a garage in order to prevent sun from fading or cracking your waterproof car seat cover. If you're certain that no sunlight will reach the vehicle, you won't need to put up your car window shades.

Step 3 - Use UV Resistant Spray (If Possible)

Try using UV resistant spray for fabrics. On most material, this spray works to protect a fabric from fading in the sunlight. Sometimes, the waterproof nature of your cat seats may not allow for absorption.