How to Prune a Coreopsis

yellow and red coreopsis flowers

Properly pruning your coreopsis plant will allow it to produce more leaves, blooms, and flowers. It also helps keep the plant looking healthier and more attractive overall and keeps your garden from looking crowded or cluttered. You can use the quick guide on how to prune your coreopsis plants to help you out.

Getting Rid of Old Leaves and Growth

Before you actually start cutting away at your coreopsis plants, you should make sure that you remove any old or dry mulch, dead fallen leaves, and loose petals from the soil around the plant.

Pruning the Coreopsis Plant

Once you have removed all of the dead leaves and stems from around the area of the plant, you can start pruning your coreopsis plant. To start pruning your coreopsis, cut the faded flower stems to the point just above where you see new leaves growing. Then, continue pruning your coreopsis by cutting back all dead stems and flowers, but do not cut into new leaf growth or other areas that appear very healthy.

After you have completed the pruning of your coreopsis plant, don’t forget to add some more all-purpose fertilizer to the soil to encourage new growth. Also, you might want to consider using some superphosphate or even chicken or cow manure to help your coreopsis plant grow better.