How To Prune Your Cherry Tree

A cherry tree will yield a much better harvest when it is pruned correctly. While pruning your cherry tree is important to keep the nutrients and tree resources going to the parts that grow the fruit, it must be done delicately.

Prune To Keep Alive

Cherry trees must be pruned in order to keep them alive. Because they will continue growing, they will essentially starve themselves of nutrition trying to keep up with their own growth. Pruning back the branches, blossoms, and dead parts will help to keep the tree healthy.

Prune In Summer

After you have harvested your cherry crop, then it is time to prune back the tree. The best time to do this is in the summer.

Cut off Dead Branches

Start with any of the dead parts of the tree that you notice. This will also help to fight any diseases that the tree might be trying to fight off.

Remove Any Small Seedlings

Dig up any small seedlings that may be growing near the base of the tree. Make sure that you do not dig into any roots or damage the trunk.

Seal With Paste

Leaving open wounds on a cherry tree will invite bugs and diseases that will kill the tree. Seal up any of the pruning cuts with a pruning paste.