How to Put a Kill Switch on a Go Kart Engine

  • 1-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 8-20
What You'll Need
kill switch kit(remote or toggle)
wire connectors

Putting a kill switch on your go kart engine is a great way to keep yourself safe while riding. The kill switch has two major purposes. First, to be able to kill the engine while still sitting behind the steering wheel of your go kart. The second function is to shut down the engine in an emergency situation. Installing a kill switch is not a difficult job. Begin by getting together the necessary parts and tools to do the job. You will also have to decide if you want a toggle switch or a remote switch. Once you make this choice you are ready to start.

Step 1- Removal of Fly Wheel

First you will need to locate the fly wheel and take the cover off of your go cart engine. To remove the fly wheel you will need a wrench to remove the fasteners holding it on. Once the fly wheel is off, the magneto is exposed.

Step 2- Connecting the Kill Switch to Engine

When connecting the kill switch to the go kart engine you will need to find a metal nut which is located on the magneto. Connect one wire from the kill switch to this metal nut on the magneto. The other wire will need to connect to a ground wire somewhere on the go kart. The best place to connect the ground wire is to a bolt on the engine block. To do this you need to remove the bolt from the engine block and place the wire on the bolt. Once you have the wire on the bolt, return it to the engine and it will now be grounded.

Step 3- Running the Wires

After you have the wires of the kill switch connected to the go kart engine, you need to run the wires to the front near the steering column. One of the most common ways to run the wires is under the seat along the frame. You will need to strap the wires with zip-ties or use wire clamps. When running the wires make sure the wires are not touching any of the parts of the engine that become hot. If you cannot run the wires any other way, you can use heat tape to cover and protect the wires.

Step 4- Mounting the Kill Switch

Once you have installed the wires correctly you will need to decide where you want to locate the kill switch. The best placement of the kill switch is on the frame close to the steering wheel. This makes it easy to access the kill switch. To mount the kill switch to the frame you can either use a hose clamp or you can bolt it to the frame. To bolt it to the frame you need to drill a hole in the frame.

Step 5- Replacing the Flywheel and Cover

Now that you have the kill switch wired to the motor, the wires run to the front, and the kill switch mounted to the dash, you will need to check your work again. After you have checked your work to insure everything is connected properly, you are ready to put the flywheel and cover back on your go kart engine. Make sure not to cut the wires you have installed when replacing the cover. You are now ready to test your switch before riding.