How to Put Antifreeze in Heating Radiators

What You'll Need
Two buckets
Non toxic antifreeze
A length of hosepipe or old garden hose
A submersible pump
The type and correct amount of antifreeze for your unit

To learn how to put antifreeze in heating radiators you need to know a few things. Not all antifreeze can be used in radiators. For instance you cannot use automotive antifreeze. You should always refer to your owners manual before purchasing any antifreeze to make sure you have the correct type for your unit.

Drain and Refill

Step 1 -Locating the Drain

Locating the drain outlet for the system, attack one end of the hosepipe to the outlet and put the other end of the hose into one bucket.

Step 2 - Draining the System

Open the drain valve to remove all the fluid out of the system.Pour some of the antifreeze into the other bucket. Place the submersible pump in the bottom of the bucket. (you can buy the inexpensive foot pump type.)

Step 3 - Refill and Finish

Close the drain outlet after removing hose, and locate the intake valve.  Insert pump nozzle. Pump the antifreeze into the system. Repeat until system is filled with required fluid. Remove Nozzle and close the intake valve.