How to Put Up a Window Bird Feeder Safely

What You'll Need
Bird Feeder
Bird Seed
Window Cleaner
Window Decals

For those who enjoy watching birds, a window bird feeder is a wonderful option. A window bird feeder is an easy to install feeder that sticks directly to your window. They can be easily moved, filled, cleaned and provide an up close and personal look at the birds you enjoy watching.

A window bird feeder is most commonly positioned on a window in the kitchen or in the living room. They are not only a great way to observe birds, but are also a great learning tool. Children will be able to see birds up close, identify them easily and observe the way they eat and interact. Installing a window bird feeder is a very straightforward process that is easily done in about fifteen minutes.

Step 1 - Choose Your Window

Before you buy your window bird feeder you will need to choose the window you want to place it. A small window over your kitchen sink makes a great window, but you might have another window in mind. A window near the dining room table, a window by a breakfast nook or even a window in the living room. These are all great choices for your window bird feeder.

Step 2 - Measure Window

Since there are different sizes of window bird feeders you will need to measure the overall width of the window. Putting up a window bird feeder should take up only half of the overall width. If you have a 32" window, you should only go to a 16" length for your bird feeder.

Step 3 - Assemble Bird Feeder

After you have purchased the correct size of bird feeder you will need to put together certain parts of it. The amount of work you will need to do to it will depend on the manufacturer and style of the feeder. Follow the directions and it should only take a few minutes.

Step 4 - Clean Window

Before placing the window bird feeder onto the window you should clean it well. Use a commercial window cleaner, or you can wash it with plain warm water and soap. Make sure you wash the entire window. You don't want to have one small clean area and leave the rest still dirty.

Step 5 - Stick Feeder to Window

The window bird feeder will stick to your window with the use of suction cups. This is the reason that you need to have a clean surface to stick them to. The larger the feeder, the larger the suction cups to give it the support it will need. Place the bird feeder onto the window and make sure it is in the center. It can be as high up, or as low as you want, but it should be in the center. Place a small level on it and secure it to the window with the suction cups.

Step 6 - Finishing Touches

Fill the feeder with bird seed. Before it is ready for birds you will need to protect them from crashing into your window. Place some window decals on each side of the feeder to let the birds know that they can not fly through.