How to Put Up an Aluminum Fence

What You'll Need
Aluminum Fence Panels
Wooden posts
Tape Measure
Marking Spray Paint
Pick Axe
Spade and Shovel
Wheel Barrow

People want to erect an aluminum fence for various reasons such as privacy, animals, protection, and sometimes just to assert their ownership of their own patch of land. Below are the steps for putting up an aluminum fence.

Step 1: Decide the Location 

When you have ordered or decided on your aluminum fence, preparation for the installation process can begin. You need to determine your corner and end stakes locations first, since they form the basis of the whole lay-out and have to be predetermined. Mark out the fence using a measuring tape and wooden stakes, running a string line between the posts to mark the fence line. Now indicate the "on center" corner and end post positions after which you pinpoint your intermediate postings.

Step 2: Dig Holes

Dig  24" deep by 18" round holes . Gate posts have to be set in deeper and larger footings as  they will be subjected to much force on a continuous basis.

Step 3: Put posts

Put your posts into their designated holes, one by one. Lay an aluminum fence panel on the ground between each two posts as you go along, in order to ensure you have the posts set at the proper width apart.  If you don’t have your panels yet, you must certainly have the size of the panels, or call the store and ask them for the exact size.

When setting a post, use fast-setting concrete to fill the hole up to 4 inches below the edge. This allows for space to shed dirt on top of the concrete and conceal it later. Use a magnetic spirit-level to plumb and level all the posts.

Step 5: Check Installed Posts

Go back to your previously installed posts to check on their plumb and level status. Straighten them if necessary before the concrete is completely set. Repeat this all the time so that the concrete does not set with posts that are neither plumb nor level.

Step 6: Insert Aluminum Fence Panels

Once your concrete is set and dry, insert the aluminum fence panels one section at a time. This process is quite fast as it requires nuts, bolts and screws that the fencing company provides. At this stage you are able to see your own aluminum fence taking shape.

Step 7: Install Aluminum Fence Gate

Once all main aluminum fence sections are in, install the aluminum fence gates to completely fence off your property and invite your friends to boast.


Aluminum fences present an appealing picture when you drive past residential areas. However, when making a decision on which type of fencing to buy, you have to know why you want to fence your property in. Only then will you be able to make the right decision. If you want a fence for privacy, these panels may be too revealing.  On the other hand, if it is for safety reasons that you want a fence, this may be for you.