How to Quickly Repair Inset Hinges

What You'll Need
Household lubricant

An inset hinge is designed to use with cabinet doors that need to sit flush against the cabinet face. These are popular in entertainment centers, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom medicine cabinets. They are difficult to install, but may be simple to repair. Here's what you can do.

Step 1 - Inspect the Hinge

Before you start tearing the door off to replace the hinge, take a close look to see what could be wrong. In most cases a hinge simply needs to be tightened with a quick twist of a screwdriver. Use a flashlight and inspect the screws.

Step 2 - Tighten the Assembly

For large cabinet doors you may need a friend to help you hold the door in place. Don't attempt to tighten anything unless the door is sitting in the proper place and is aligned correctly. Use a small screwdriver to tighten all the screws. Be sure you check the assembly both on the door and in the cabinet.

Step 3 - Oil the Hinge

If the hinge is squeaky or making noise, you may be able to use some basic household oil, like WD40, to lubricate the hinge. Use the small straw provided with the spray and apply a small amount to the center inside portion of the hinge. Open and close the door a few times to distribute the oil.