How to Quickly Replace Your Carpet Pad How to Quickly Replace Your Carpet Pad

What You'll Need
Knee kicker
Stair tool
Utility knife
Folding ruler
Chalk line
Cleaner for soiled areas
Carpet padding

Sometimes man’s best friends (pets, coffee, wine, etc.) are the worst enemy to your carpet pad, but there's no need to despair because replacing a damaged carpet pad is easy as one, two, three. To be certain that the new pad is a good match for the damaged pad, take a piece of the damaged pad to your carpet supplier.

Step 1 - Lift Carpet

With the knee kicker, stretch the carpet enough to lift the carpet off of the tack strip with the stair tool. Roll the carpet back far enough to gain access to the pad that needs to be replaced.

Step 2 - Remove Pad and Clean Area

Snap chalk lines around the damaged area to use as a guide for cutting and measuring. With a folding ruler, measure the area just marked. Cut the damaged pad away with a utility knife. Dispose of the damaged padding. Vacuum the area to remove any loose debris. Clean the floor underlayment thoroughly with disinfectant.

Step 3 - Measure and Cut Replacement Pad

Mark the new pad according to the measurements taken in Step 2. With a utility knife and a straight edge, cut out a new piece of carpet pad. Trim it as necessary with scissors.

Step 4 - Install Replacement Pad

Attach new padding with double-sided carpet tape. Roll the carpet back in place. Using the knee kicker, stretch the carpet back over the tack strip. With the stair tool and a hammer, attach the carpet to the strip tack, and your carpet pad replacement is done.

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