How to Quiet a Cooling Fan

What You'll Need
Socket Set
Screw Driver

A quiet cooling fan in your car is a must. Engine cooling fans will ordinarily only become noisy if they are on the verge of wearing out, or they have become slightly loose and are rattling. You can quiet your cooling fan, if it does become noisy.

Step 1 – Assess the Fan

Start when the car is cold or barely warm. Engine parts get very hot and dangerous. Find out what is causing the rattling and hampering the fan from being completely functional. You may need to remove the radiator but in most cases you can get to the fan via the rear of the radiator cover. Clean the fan and check for any loose debris that may have fallen between the blades. This is the most common reason why a fan will become noisy.

Step 2 – Tighten the Fan

If the fan is not hampered by debris, it may be that the holding bolts or screws have come loose, causing the blades to mismatch and rattle against an outer surface. Use either a screw driver or socket (whichever is applicable to your vehicle) to tighten the holding bolts or screws down. If the fan is then secure, test it by turning the engine on and listening to it run.