How to Quiet an Air Conditioner that Rattles

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Screw driver

Noise from an air conditioner can not only be annoying, it can be a sign that something is not working properly. Rather than spend money on costly repairs, read on to learn how to quiet your air conditioner to ensure that it runs more efficiently.

Step 1 - Find the Source of the Noise

You first need to determine the reason your air conditioner is making noise. Start with what might be the simplest explanation. While the air conditioner is running, push up against each side of the unit. Listen to hear if the rattle ends if you push in or steady the unit to the wall.

If you notice a noise reduction, your problem is being caused by the air conditioner not being secure to the window. To fix this, cut cellophane and stuff it into the space between the wall, window and air conditioner. You could also apply putty to the loose areas and secure the unit.

Step 2 - Inspect Mounting

Unplug your air conditioner and see if it is properly mounted. The noise may be coming from the way the air conditioner has been attached to the shims that hold in place. Simply adjust the shims and see if the problem is eliminated. If you do this once and notice a noise reduction, continue adjusting until the noise completely disappears.

Step 3 - Check the Refrigerant Tubing

If the rattling persists, unplug air conditioner from the wall and remove the screws that hold on the front face of the unit. Remove the parts covering the inner components and look for the tubing that delivers the refrigerant to the unit. Check to see if it is bent or has become placed too close to other parts in the air conditioner. If it is bent, straighten it out. If it is too close to other parts, push it back to its proper place.

Plug the unit back in and see of this eliminates the noise. If you do this step and notice noise coming from your compressor, consult an expert as this a serious problem.