How to Quiet an Air Conditioner Unit

What You'll Need
Wood shims
Putty knife

The biggest problem which causes an air conditioner unit to be loud is undue vibration. The window unit is the biggest culprit in making more noise than it should. This can be caused by many different things. In order to quiet your unit down, you will need to check a few things and tighten everything up. After following a few simple steps, you should be able to have a much quieter unit.

Step 1 – Check The Insulation

The condenser has insulation around it. This is generally in the form of Styrofoam. The purpose of this is both to keep from sucking in a lot of hot air, and to keep the fan unit quiet. Sometimes the Styrofoam can become corroded or mildewed. If these occasions, you will need to replace it with new Styrofoam. Simply remove the panel by unscrewing it. Pull out the old Styrofoam and cut the new Styrofoam to be the same dimensions. You should be able to slide it right into place.

Step 2 – Check The Sealant

In order to have quiet appliances, they need to be secure to the home. This is usually achieved through the use of a sealant. If you push against the outside of the unit and the noise goes away, chances are it is not solidly in place. A great way to fix this problem is to add a wood shim anywhere where there are gaps. If after adding the shim, the noise stops, you need to fix the unit in that position. Use putty in order to fill gaps in the frame. Once the putty is dry. Turn the air conditioner on and see if it is running quieter.

Step 3 – Check The Louvers

Often the louvers will become loose. This can be because of being played with too much, or from another vibration in the machine. While the unit is running, try holding each louver to see if the problem goes away. If it appears on of the louvers is loose, you can usually accomplish a tighter fit simply by changing the angle of the louver. If this does not work, add some Styrofoam in between two of the louvers. This will create extra pressure in order to stop the vibration.

Step 4 – Check The Fan Blades

All too often, the fan blade will become bent. This can happen from extreme weather changes, or the unit being dropped. Simply open up the outside of the unit by unscrewing and removing the front panel. Look at the blades. If one of them does not look like the rest, you will need to make a change. This can be as simple as using your hand to change the angle of the blade. When it looks the same as the rest of the blades, turn on the machine and see how it is running. This should give you all the information about how to quiet your air conditioner.