How to Quiet Your Motorcycle Exhausts

Motorcycle exhaust pipes

It's time to turn down the noise on your motorcycle exhausts, but how? Making your your motorcycle a little more quiet is easier than you may think. Many people opt for the stock pipe option. Installing stock pipes instead of the current ones you possess will decrease the noise that your exhaust creates.

However, if you are looking for a sure fire way to turn it down without swapping your old pipes in for different ones, try the solutions below. There are a couple options you can go with. First, we will start with the easiest of all.

Re-Pack It

Repack your muffler using a repack kit and the supplies contained in it. Follow the steps below for an easy to do repack.

Step 1 - Drill the Rivets

You will want to first drill out rivets that are securing the muffler cap.

Step 2 - Take the Core Out

man grabbing a motorcycle exhaust

Take out the core that is inside and pull out any packing material that is in there. You will be replacing this material in the end.

Step 3 - New is Better

Take the new packing material that is found in your repack kit and wrap it around the inner core.

Step 4 - Put It Back in

After the inner core is repacked with new material, insert the inner core back into the muffler.

Step 5 - Replace the Cap

Take the end cap and put it back in place. This is done using another supply from your repack kit, the pop rivets. After you have completed this step, you have successfully repacked your loud exhaust pipes.

If this one doesn't sound like it's for you, try this second option that is explained below.

Apply a Slip-in Baffle

This is a rather simple task as well if you follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Measure for Perfection

a row of tape measures

First, you will want to measure the inner diameter of the muffler. This assures that you will purchase the correct slip-in baffle.

Step 2 - Clean It Out

You will want to clean the inner rim of the muffler so there is no obstacles that prevent you from going any further.

Step 3 - Remove and Insert

Next, you will want to remove the screw that is currently on the baffle and insert the new baffle into the muffler. You will want to double check to make sure it is in place correctly.

Step 4 - Line It Up

Line up both the baffle and the mounting hole on your muffler. There may not currently be a mounting hole on your muffler. In this case, you will want to create one by drilling a hole into your muffler.

Step 5 - Secure It

Screw the baffle into place tightly and securely. Using a glue on the bolt will help to secure it even more.

Whether you choose to go with changing your pipes completely, or you choose one of the options above, which allow you to keep your original pipes, the end result will be a much quieter ride.