How to Raise the Height of a Metal Carport Roof

What You'll Need

Raising the height of a metal carport roof can be a tricky job. While it does require the help of a few friends typically, it isn't too hard to figure out overall. This is typically needed when you are changing the use of your metal carport. Many times people will begin with a carport that doesn't even house a car, but is mainly for storage sake. Then, later on they feel as though they need a car under it and need to raise the roof of it to accommodate. Or, if you are using it for your car and now you have decided that it is needed for storage as well, you can raise it up. Here are a few things that can help to guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Remove Old Posts

Begin this project by using a shovel to remove the old posts from the ground. Typically they will be buried in by sand or grass or even gravel. You can take each post out, as long as you have a few people to help support it as you work. This step will vary in time and effort, depending on how secure your posts are. If you find that you are having an extremely hard time getting the posts out and it seems as though it may not be possible for all four of them, you may want to consider an extender. This will allow you to keep the posts in and then add to the height at the top. This isn't as sturdy as raising the foundation, but it will work if that isn't an option for your situation. 

Step 2 - Build Foundation or Add Extenders

Now, fill in the holes you used before with sand and gravel. You can raise it up with more sand and gravel until you reach the desired height. Then, place the poles back on the spot they came from, but higher now. If you are in a situation where you can't remove the posts, then you can attach extenders to the top of the posts that are already in place. You will want to purchase extenders that are similar in size to the width of the actual poles that you currently have in place. Then you can attach them according to the instructions. Many times you will just be able to screw them into place on top and then attach the carport roof to that instead of the poles. 

Step 3 - Secure

Once you have all of the posts where you want them, you can have one person hold them in place while another person makes sure the entire thing is even. When you know for sure that you want your carport in that spot, you can pour cement around the posts to hold in place and secure.

Once the carport top is in place, be sure that you are cleaning and maintaining it every few weeks to elongate the life.